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How Lean Labs positions, packages, prices & pitches both HubSpot and its websites. Plus, how we deliver websites on HubSpot CMS profitably and win 80%+ into marketing retainers.

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Full Stop: HubSpot Changed My Life

HubSpot has fundamentally changed my life.
Our team is way bigger. Revenue 5X greater.
Profit per employee more than 2X. In 2018, we accomplished a crazy goal that we set in 2014.


But it wasn't easy. In 2015-2016 I buried myself figuring it out. It put me in the hospital (twice). 

Through dozens of agency show and tells, I have been able to shorten my path to success. We now very successfully sell profitable strategy projects, profitable websites customers love, and ascend clients successfully into marketing retainers.


I believe we all win when clients on HubSpot win. Let's join forces to make every HubSpot partner clearly and obviously operating on a higher level than WordPress shops and the like.

If you're looking to win more clients, profit on projects, and secure retainers, I believe I can shave a year off of your growth curve.

Let's find out, put me to the test.

What We Address

Work with us in the area(s) you want to level-up.
#1: How to

Position & Package

If you're struggling to justify the price you want to charge, it has to do with your positioning & packaging. We win a strategy project with a no-brainer offer as our first engagement.
This package closes at 80% with over 50% margin.
#2: How to

Price & Pitch

It's possible that we've tested more pricing strategies than any HubSpot Partner. We can show you how we price projects with plenty of budget to deliver a result that blows them away. Because the strategy project up front is effectively a 3 week sales process, the win rate is > 90%.
#3: How to

Streamline Delivery

Selling HubSpot CMS websites is great.. yet the real key to growth & profits is to deliver experiences customers love & keep a healthy profit margin at the same time. We have a refined delivery process that just might be a game-changer. Not sure? Put us to the test.

Ascend into Retainer

#4: How to
The only way you'll make your full impact is if the HubSpot CMS website is the springboard into a marketing retainer. The key for us has been successfully selling Growth-Driven Design (GDD), so much so that it became over 50% of our business. Combining GDD with Inbound Marketing & growth coaching, our retainer package consistently close at over 80%.
how to 4@2x

What We Aim to Achieve

Speaking with > 20 agencies, we've defined a common goal:

Definition of Success

1 Year from now, we want stories flowing into Dan Tyre @ HubSpot's email box with the following result:
Sprocket Rocket_ for Agencies_Success

Not units sold. Positive outcomes delivered.

If you research Lean Labs, you'll see that our #1 core value is "value over profit" - which means that we don't believe in 1-sided wins.

The growth group is not free. Yet it's not about the "fee" either. We win when you win.

The model we aim to prove is one where we teach you our system of positioning, packaging, pitching, & delivering great CMS websites profitably. In return, you'll pay us a small small fee for each win using our system & tools (ya, we got some cool tools). 

You'll win big or we won't win at all. If that's not fair, it's not for you.

With no exaggeration, I can confidently say you've wrote a new chapter in my life and gave a brand new direction to my agency.

I started working with Lean Labs to become a part of a League of Elite Marketers. I’ve known Kevin for a long time through the HubSpot ecosystem and admired his futuristic thinking and vision. I highly recommend this for any agency that wants to build a truly scalable business that not only survives, but thrives.

Parthiv Shah rk-testimonial
Parthiv Shah,
Agency Owner
Radhakrishnan KG,
Agency Owner

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