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The Sprocket Rocket
Design System.

Elevate Your Figma Workflow with the new Sprocket Rocket Design System v2.

150+ Section Modules

Ready to be used out of the box.
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All Gain, No Pain

Let’s face it. Design Systems can be a pain to work with and oftentimes add unnecessary complexity to your designs. This one is different.
No External Libraries

Compatible with Figma's Free plan for straightforward design integration without extra libraries.

Content Block Component

Streamlines design with even spacing for icons, taglines, headings, and buttons for visual consistency.

Simplified Card Component

Uniform spacing and styles across sections for visual coherence, enhancing design flexibility.

Flex Grid Component

Enables intricate layouts with nested grids, offering design freedom for detailed sectioning.

Input & Group Components

Ensures consistent spacing for forms, simplifying input alignment for neat and accessible designs.

Style Guide

Outlines visual and functional design elements for consistent color, font, and spacing use, guiding cohesive designs.

Elevate Your Figma Workflow