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Modular Theme For HubSpot Marketers.

Stack pre-built modules to create high-performing,
user-friendly pages with Sprocket Rocket Theme + the SR App.
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Stop wasting time building pages from scratch.

Build beautiful, on-brand, and user-friendly pages by simply stacking ready-to-use page sections.

Create beautiful pages with proven building blocks.

Sprocket Rocket puts the full power of HubSpot’s custom modules in your hands. And you don’t need to be a designer or know one line of code to make A+ pages.

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Just stack, add content, and launch
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36 ready-to-use page templates
Optimized for mobile & Google Core Web Vitals
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Theme support right out of the box
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46 modules proven based on popular web patterns and proven to perform
Insanely customizable to every last detail (without needing HTML or CSS!)

What can you build with Sprocket Rocket?

Over 5,000 marketers, brands, and freelancers, worldwide use Sprocket
Rocket. Here are some amazing examples.

Why do people love using Sprocket Rocket?


Great theme - loving how easy it is to put the pages together

Working great - much faster way for us to get our site into the HubSpot ecosystem so we can plug in everything else.
Dean Wheeler
Co-Founder & CEO, AcclaimWorks


Great Product

Sprocket Rocket is very user-friendly and allows you to create a good-looking site without needing a lot of coding knowledge.
Brad Kirkland
Chief Executive, YetiTech


Top theme and great support

Really a great product, very versatile and easy to use. But above all thanks to the technical assistance that responded quickly and competently to all our questions. Absolutely recommended.
Andrea Ricci
Business Development, Weerg


Clean, simple yet powerful

A great collection of modules and customization options that led itself to create a unique designs and layout.
Joe Peter
Co-Founder, VP of Product & Design, Engageli


Sprocket Rocket is great!

I have enjoyed working with the sprocket rocket theme; it's easy to use and makes for a stunning and dynamic site.
Olivia Miller
Marketing Manager, House of Revenue


Great Theme for professional business

We use Sprocket Rocket theme for our own website as well as our clients' websites. The templates are well designed, and support is fantastic.
Olivia Hu
Media Specialist, Markezing
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"The fastest way to build professional-looking pages on HubSpot."

"We are a small marketing team and need to quickly design and deploy great-looking web pages.
Sprocket Rocket has empowered my team to create great-looking pages rapidly. It`s modular, easy-to-use, and works seamlessly with your HubSpot account. I`d recommend this tool to anyone using HubSpot who wants to create modern-looking pages, fast."

Evan Meyer, Capsim

"Great theme, awesome design and very easy to use."

"Lots of great modules that can be edited and styled to fit your brand. Just as impressive is the support that comes with it. The team responded quickly and are very helpful."

Mark Norman, Ambit.ai

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Stackable Modules

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Proven Page Templates

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System Page Templates

Deliver a dramatic website experience.

Use image backgrounds, modal functionality, and video options to
deliver a 5-star user experience

Web Design & Marketing Resources.

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Layers of design options baked in.

From global theme settings for font styles and color palettes to granular module-by-module design settings, you can customize Sprocket Rocket as much (or as little) as you want.

Sprocket Rocket App: a HubSpot marketer's dream design tool.

Marketers, copywriters, and other non-technical roles can create flowing, on-brand, full-page layouts in 60-90 seconds (or less).


Sprocket Rocket.
The easiest and fastest way
to build on HubSpot.

Why Sprocket Rocket?

Website templates.

Drag-and-drop themes.

Modular themes.

There are so many options available in the HubSpot Marketplace.

So why should you choose Sprocket Rocket as your design & productivity tool?

Designed for marketers & copywriters.

Drag-and-drop themes force you to be the designer. But you're not.

Instead of spending hours dragging and dropping each component into place, marketers using sprocket Rocket can simply stack modules to build pages lightning-fast.


No need to start from scratch.

Sprocket Rocket modules are modeled after common web patterns. 

Instead of trying to design a page, you simply assemble your building blocks to create a page quickly and easily.

Plus, included page templates help you get pages live quickly, or act as a proven starting point.


Proven page templates help you win.

Building with popular web patterns and using proven page templates incorporates best practices into your pages.

Page layouts are focused on conversion and include elements that have shown to drive conversions for hundreds of other brands.


Clearly showcase your product pricing.

A compact way to list the offering and prices of your product.



  • Unlimited Updates

  • Built for Hubspot

  • 10 Projects



  • Unlimited Projects

  • Branding

  • Analytics

  • Email Support

  • Upgrade Discount

  • Custom Interface



  • Unlimited Updates

  • Built for Hubspot

  • 10 Projects

  • Email Support

  • Analytics