Why Websites Fail & How to Fix it


3 Secrets of Every High-Converting Website

Buyer Journey

You need a compelling, growth-oriented inbound buyer journey that drives brand awareness, builds immediate trust, and moves prospects towards purchase.

Design System

You need beautiful design tools that turn you into a graphic designer overnight, giving you the ability to make major design improvements in moments, not days or weeks.

No Code,
Rapid Iterations

You need a modular, no-code site builder that allows you to launch and iterate rapidly through data-driven analysis, giving you the ability to create a fully customized and effective website in just a few clicks.

And you need each of these components to fit inside your existing marketing budget!

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Building a New Website


Brochure Websites

A simple, eye-catching, product-focused brochure website might feel like a good idea. Unfortunately, those sites are only built for referrals and totally fail to deliver long-term results. Why? This approach only works for leads that know what you do. The fact is, product-focused websites are too sales-y and fail to convert cold audiences.

Template Marketplace

Using templates might seem like a cheap and fast solution to building a beautiful website. But, templates are extremely rigid. As you expand the website over time, you will need to hire a developer to make even simple changes. Eventually, you will get frustrated with the template and have to start over.

Group 5
Group 6

Theme Tools

Sure, you can create a website using theme tools, but creating every element by hand – section by section, page by page – becomes a full-time job of endless drag-and-drop and maintenance. It’s a highly manual process. Nobody will be able to edit the site except for the person in control of brand standards… you!

Here are the facts – building a website is tough. You need to make your website act as a lead generating machine, but without a team of talent, you are left floundering. Moreover, there isn't a single website builder that helps with the buyer journey. What's worse is that most builders totally miss the mark with unwieldy tools and templates. You need to rapidly launch pages and make simple, intuitive iterations.

Find out how to build, launch, and market a site you and your customers love.

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