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Do you ever wish you had a marketing magic wand?

As much as we all wish we could reel in prospects as quickly as Hermoine Granger says “levi-OH-sa,” acquiring new customers takes far more work than the flick of a wand. It takes time, energy, and, often, trial and error to learn the right “spells” to reach your target audience effectively. 

How much easier would it be if someone just told you which spells would work right away? 

Instead of spreading your marketing efforts across multiple channels — maybe catching a few leads — we’re here to help you concentrate on the channels offering the highest engagement and conversion potential. Because you're targeting your marketing to qualified leads, you're more likely to get them.

But how do you know what those channels are? You might not be a wizard, but it’s still your lucky day. Here are five cutting-edge customer acquisition channels you can implement today to start seeing magic for your ROI.

When you reach your target audience through channels where they actively participate, you can deliver more relevant and personalized messages that resonate with their needs and pain points. For example, 60% of TikTok users are Gen Z, so you’d want to focus on video marketing to target that young audience.

Meeting your audience where they’re at helps ensure that you capture their attention, build trust, and ultimately convert them into paying customers. On the flip side, being in the wrong customer acquisition channels can cost you those valuable leads and connections that ultimately lead to conversions.

5 Must-Have Customer Acquisition Channels to Leverage 

There are many customer acquisition channels to choose from, and you don’t want to waste time and resources finding the right ones. While you may want to be in some specific channels depending on your target audience and funnel strategy, it’s also essential to be present in channels trending across multiple demographics. 

Here are five must-have customer acquisition channels you should leverage ASAP, regardless of your target customers.

1. Influencer Marketing 

If you read “influencer marketing” and your mind immediately went to celebrities in cheesy, consumer-focused commercials with WAY too much product placement, it’s time to update your POV. In 2022 alone, influencer marketing generated $4.4 billion in the US for both B2C and B2B companies. 

The advantages of influencer marketing for B2B companies go far beyond social media reach and higher sales to a “screen-obsessed” generation. Effective influencer marketing can help your business collaborate and build partnerships with industry thought leaders, advertise your company advocacy causes, and increase win more product reviews and endorsements.

The success of your influencer marketing depends on the person you choose to represent your product or service online. So choose carefully! You wouldn’t ever select Bill Gates to sell an Apple product. Likewise, take the time to ensure your chosen influencer fits your product and can deliver real value to the intended audience.

2. Conversational Marketing 

Conversational marketing is all about having real-time, personalized conversations with customers to assist, answer questions, and offer customized recommendations to guide prospects toward purchasing. Instead of just pushing messages, use conversational marketing to engage in natural conversations via chat and chatbots, messaging apps, and social media. 

You can (and should!) implement conversational marketing at each stage of the buyer’s journey. From initial website visits to post-purchase support, every touchpoint helps you better understand customer preferences, pain points, and buying behavior, providing valuable insights for future marketing strategies and optimizing your current CRM.

3. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) 

Account-based marketing (ABM) helps you identify and focus on specific high-value accounts instead of marketing to a broad audience. It's like putting all your effort into wooing that special someone instead of trying to impress everyone in the room. With ABM, you get to know your ideal customers inside out so you can create personalized marketing campaigns just for them (Hint: This means alllll those leads you get are likely already MQLs!).

ABM uses multiple channels, like emails, ads, and content, to deliver the right message at the right time through the right channels to reach decision-makers and influencers within your target accounts. By tailoring your marketing efforts to address each account's unique challenges and goals, you show prospects that you understand their needs and want to be a trusted partner.

ABM is not a siloed customer acquisition channel. Instead, use it to align your marketing and sales teams so you can build strong relationships with your most valuable prospects. This way, you don’t spread resources too thinly and can concentrate on the accounts most likely to bring in significant revenue and long-term business relationships. 

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is far from new but remains a game-changer for B2B companies. Some say YouTube is now a better search engine than Google, and the average American spends over 3 hours per day watching video-based content. Videos are highly versatile, especially for improving brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression on viewers

Remember to create high-quality content reflecting your professionalism, product, or service to make the most of video marketing (and no, this doesn’t mean shooting them on the latest iPhone). If you’re not sure you’re ready to dive head-first into video marketing, hiring a freelance videographer or outsourcing videos lets you still enjoy the benefits. 

No matter what route you take, be sure to optimize your videos for SEO using relevant keywords and descriptive titles so your video content is discoverable and accessible to those who are actively searching for information or solutions related to your business. 

Plus, the better your videos are, the more quickly you can reshare and repurpose them on social media and other channels to extend their reach. It’s a win-win! 

5. Interactive Content

Interactive content, like surveys and quizzes, actively engages your audience and increases engagement by dynamically and passively presenting information. When consumers engage with your content, you learn more about their preferences and needs (especially if you give them options). 

Create quizzes, assessments, or surveys that align with your audience's interests to make the most of interactive content. Then, personalize that content and integrate it with marketing automation tools for better tracking and personalized follow-up.

You can add fun to interactive, integrated content by incorporating gamification elements. For example, design a quiz or assessment with a points system where users earn points for each correct answer. At the end of the quiz, users “unlock” personalized outcomes or recommendations based on their scores. 

They feel like they’re winning, but you’re the real winner: you can now use their data — collected via the quiz — to tailor your follow-up communications and make it more likely that they remember your brand and support you with a purchase.

Cast Better Marketing “Spells” More Quickly With the Right Partner

Strategically leveraging the right customer acquisition channels lets you meet your audience where they are, increasing your chances of connecting with them and effectively winning their business. 

On the other hand, being in the wrong channels limits your visibility, resulting in missed opportunities and poor engagement. So, choose wisely to maximize your reach and better connect with your target audience to position your B2B company for success.

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Post by Tess V.
Oct 11, 2023