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Have you ever tried finding your keys when the power is out? You know they’re somewhere, but finding them is impossible.

Generating leads probably feels like that sometimes, right? You know who your ideal customers are, but finding them and attracting them to your business feels like stumbling around in a pitch-black room.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine you had night-vision goggles… Now there’s nowhere to hide!

Alright, enough about keys and the power being out. Marketing lead generation agencies are like those night-vision goggles, seeking out leads and bringing them into your business. But which agency should you partner with?

It depends! You’ll need to do your homework. Don’t rush the process – you don’t want to make a costly mistake – and do your due diligence. We’re here to help. This article highlights five solid options and dives into each agency’s unique offerings, so you can make an informed decision.

Marketing-qualified leads, or MQLs, are the lifeblood of your business. When your ideal clients put their hands up and say, “Please market to me!” they signal that your product or service has piqued their interest and can solve a problem.

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There are various ways to kick lead generation into gear. You might try to work on it in-house, but outsourcing lead generation to a marketing lead generation agency is a viable option. They’re experts in finding and nurturing MQLs, using tools and strategies that bring you closer to your goals.

Be aware: marketing lead generation agencies don’t do it all. They won’t own your entire marketing strategy or help past providing MQLs – they focus on what they do best – generating leads. They can help fuel your sales engine, but you’ll need to ensure you’re executing your broader marketing strategy.

Do your due diligence before making a decision. Don’t let an agency promise the world only to discover they underdeliver and overcharge. Also, ensure they share your vision and align with your budget and goals.

5 Top Options

  1. Cience
  2. WebFX
  3. Callbox
  4. DemandWorks
  5. Lean Labs

#1. Cience

Cience is a lead generation agency that provides various services to help businesses find, engage, and convert their target audience. Their services include:

  • Outbound prospecting through targeted email, mobile, and social media
  • In-depth data analysis and research to help you better understand your target audience
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies to engage high-value accounts
  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRd) to schedule appointments
  • Content distribution

Cience uses data to identify the most promising leads and optimize outreach. While they use automation and cutting-edge technology, they provide a human element with skilled SDRs providing personalized outreach.

What customers say: “Cience has helped us find a lot of relevant contacts at our target accounts. They have also landed us an average of 1-2 meetings per week and have done a good job writing sales playbooks.” - Cience Customer

#2. WebFX

WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency. Lead generation is part of the service, but WebFX prides itself on creating tangible results. Using insights from its own technology platform, MarketingCloudFX, WebFX, and a team of over 450 digital marketers looking to drive revenue and power growth.

Services include:

  • Customized strategies for your unique goals, audience, and industry
  • SEO optimization for better search rankings
  • PPC campaigns to drive high-quality leads
  • Social media campaigns

WebFX tailors their marketing campaigns to each client’s unique goals, audience, and industry. They focus on results and provide various services beyond lead generation, making them a one-stop shop for your marketing needs.

What customers say: “Overall, WEBFX's comprehensive approach to digital marketing offers businesses a one-stop solution to effectively reach and engage with their target audience online, ultimately leading to increased success and growth.” - WebFX Customer

#3. Callbox

Callbox focuses on B2B lead generation and appointment setting. Using an account-based marketing approach, Callbox uses six avenues to connect with prospects; voice, email, social, chat, website, and webinars. Services include:

  • Data cleansing, enrichment, and profiling services
  • Lead scoring, segmentation, and nurturing to maximize conversions
  • Promoting your webinars and live events to your target audience

Callbox gives its clients access to a full stack of sales and marketing tools to increase sales productivity. With a multi-channel approach, Callbox leaves no stone unturned to find potential customers with buying intent.

They have a global presence and can generate leads in multiple markets and regions, catering to businesses with an international focus. They even have a proprietary CRM, Callbox Pipeline.

What customers say: “Callbox really has the right set of tools and methodology to generate leads. They are using a combination of voice, email, and social for the outreach. They have also taken the time to understand our business in a very short period of time.” - Callbox Customer

#4. DemandWorks

DemandWorks gathers real-time data around preferences, technology, and research and uses it to drive conversions. Through content, account-based marketing, and prospect targeting, they help you find new opportunities and speed up the sales process. Services include:

  • Intent-based targeting
  • Account-based marketing
  • Content syndication
  • Display advertising
  • Account analytics

Through its contact level display targeting, DemandWorks is powered by 1st party contact data, allowing them to find in-market prospects that match your ICP. This information also helps you to prioritize active buyers.

What customers say: “Quality of the leads plus the likelihood of lead engagement is higher than any other solutions we've tested against.” - DemandWorks Customer

#5. Lean Labs

At Lean Labs, we understand that generating quality leads is only one part of the equation. 

Marketing-qualified leads need to turn into sales-qualified leads, and your number one priority should be getting potential customers on a call. Once you educate and engage prospects, you’ve got to sell the call, not your product or service. Our services include:

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Quarterly growth campaigns
  • A performance-based growth team
  • Website design and optimization

What sets us apart is our sole focus on growth. Growth is the metric that moves the needle. 

We work closely with clients to understand their customers and how to best market to them. We also adopt an agile marketing and web design approach, allowing for rapid iteration and continuous optimization based on data and insights.

What customers say: “By the end of the accelerated, high energy , deep dive journey into the soul of your company you have clear company messaging, target audiences, a foundation for success and clear numbers based targets. My only regret is that I did not know about Lean Labs Sooner. Excited for the future growth of the company!” - Lean Labs Customer

Marketing Lead Generation Agenices: What do You Need to Know?

Before you sign on the dotted line with any lead generation or outsourced marketing team, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Industry knowledge: Does this agency know the terrain and understand the nuances of my industry? You want them to have at least some knowledge of the people they’re trying to reach. And if they don’t, do they work with you to discover who your ideal clients are? An agency doesn’t need all the answers off the bat, but it must be ready to deep dive.
  • Proven track record: Does this agency have a proven track record? The results speak for themselves. If your agency can provide examples (case studies, testimonials) of generating leads and customers in your niche, you could be onto a winner.
  • Custom marketing strategies: Does this agency create personalized marketing strategies that ensure our efforts are targeted and relevant?
  • Scalability: Will this agency scale with me? As your business evolves, you’ll need scalable and adaptable solutions, regardless of your business’ stage of growth.
  • CRM & Automation: Does this agency utilize a robust CRM and marketing automation? Both will help manage and progress leads along the buyer journey. With the right metrics and platform, you’ll have a single source of truth to share with your sales and support teams.
  • Transparent reporting: Will this agency provide regular updates and clear performance metrics? You need insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns so you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategies.

These questions and any more related to your business will help you decide who to partner with.

The Best Marketing Lead Agency: The Choice is Yours

As always, “the best” agency depends on your budget, needs, and what you want to achieve. Do your research and trust your instincts; price is a small part. Working with a team that takes time to understand your business and your unique goals is crucial.

Leads for the sake of leads are pointless – you need marketing-qualified leads to really make an impact.

At Lean Labs, we know MQLs are the lifeblood of your business. To consistently grow, you need a strategy to bring in MQLs – and we can help you create and craft a winning strategy.

Want to see what we would do if we were in your shoes? Book a Growth Mapping Session! Even if you don’t decide to execute your strategy with us, you can start from the right place.

Shaun Samonini
Post by Shaun Samonini
Sep 06, 2023
Shaun is a Growth Marketer at Lean Labs, working with deserving brands to create, implement, and optimize proven growth strategies.