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With the online world continuing to grow and evolve, it is no surprise that digital marketing is a powerful tool for businesses.

Now I know you have heard the term, but do you know the meaning and the goal behind digital marketing?

 Digital marketing is an ever-changing world. New trends, platforms, and avenues for advertising are constantly popping up. So what is the right place for you to start? We have composed a list of three digital marketing tactics that have proven effective in helping you grow your business.


1. Creating a Lead Magnet

You can use lead magnets to get your foot in the door with a new potential client. A lead magnet is a free offering you provide to your audience. The goal is to give them value that will draw them into your brand’s offers. Examples include free ebooks, webinars, or email newsletters with valuable information.

Lead magnets should show value to customers for them to give their information and sign up to receive it. 

One strong example of a successful lead magnet would be the free trial from Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a web-based software that specializes in online membership management. This lead magnet is so successful for the company because consumers have a thirty-day free trial that requires no credit card information. Wild Apricot is so confident in their product that they do not need to collect payment information, knowing that at the end of the thirty days, most consumers will see the value in paying for the software. 

Creating a lead magnet is a compelling digital marketing tactic as it is affordable and straightforward and builds consumer trust. It is a way to start the marketing funnel if you provide a valuable lead magnet that hits their pain points to keep them coming back for more. 

2. Publish a Regular Blog and Utilize SEO

This tactic is like utilizing two marketing growth strategies in one, but they go hand in hand. 

Regularly posting high-quality content on a blog will entice consumers to continue to visit your site and see what you offer. Pairing that with SEO, where you are hitting target keywords your audience is searching for, will increase the traffic to your site and lead to a higher conversion rate.

One of the top blogs on the internet today is HuffPost. HuffPost specializes in posting about all things news. This includes world news, entertainment, style, politics, and more. The blog has well-written and high-quality articles that are updated frequently. It was started in 2005 and has since flourished, with thousands of bloggers contributing to articles and a very loyal following who reads it daily. 

You want your blog to stand out in the sea of blogs that are out there today. But how?

You need to provide high-value content that allows for engagement with your audience and attracts new audiences through SEO. Your content should also be helpful to those who are viewing it. You want your viewers to think of your brand when they seek a solution to a problem or want to learn about a subject in your area of expertise. 

 3. Work With a Hybrid Growth Team 

Starting out in digital marketing is challenging. Implementing any tactic takes time, effort, and investment.

Instead of trying to go it alone, you can work with a hybrid growth team. What is a hybrid growth team?

A hybrid growth team partners with you to get at the root of your growth challenges. They will then help you address those challenges and scale your business. These efforts include creating content for your company that performs and using marketing tactics such as the ones mentioned above to grow your business for you.

Lean Labs is a team of talented marketers who specialize in helping SaaS companies grow in the marketing world by driving 10x more organic growth to your company guaranteed. We will not only help you scale your business to a 22 percent quarterly growth rate where you have reliable and sustainable long-term growth, but we will teach you our tactics during the process and set you up for success for the years to come. 

Check out this case study where we worked with RocketSpace. After working with us, RocketSpace started to attract over fifty thousand unique pageviews per month. That’s a four hundred percent increase in just three years. 

Ashleigh Harris, chief marketing officer at RocketSpace, shares, “If I didn’t have Lean Labs, I would need a full-time team of 20 people to do what they do for us. There are so many things that I am proud of working on with Lean Labs”. 

Working with a hybrid growth team will not only give you that peace of mind knowing your business will grow, but it will also save you time, energy, and money in starting that growth journey. 

How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

Growing your business using digital marketing is no walk in the park. It takes consistency, a clear plan of action, a budget, and time. But there is no denying or avoiding that going digital is the best way to grow your business in today’s market.

If you found yourself reading this article knowing you should have started taking steps yesterday for growth in the digital marketing world and are overwhelmed thinking about where to start, we are here to help.

Our Lean Labs Growth Playbook is a great place to start, giving you a “peek behind the curtain” to see what we do for our clients and why it would benefit working with us. We will look at your company’s six levers of control growth and nail down which ones need attention to ensure a 10x growth rate for your company in thirty-six months. 

Take a look at our free resources today to see how you can grow your business and leap ahead of the competition. 

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Apr 03, 2023