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You wouldn’t expect your football team to win without helmets and cleats. And yet so many SaaS and technology companies expect their sales team to hit their targets without the right tools in place.

B2B sales lead generation is about more than just hiring sales people and giving them targets. Equipping your team with the right tools and resources is essential to helping them reach their goals, and ultimately drives your organization's growth.

We’re going to introduce you to four of the best tools on the market that you should consider adopting in order to give your B2B sales lead generation strategy the best chance at success.

  • Does your sales organization lack leads? 
  • Do you have leads that don’t convert? 
  • What are the issues that your team faces that you need to unblock? 

Investing in tools to better equip your sales team for success is paramount in helping them hit their targets and goals, but you have to know where to invest your money first. 

You’ll need to identify your team’s biggest challenges. Once you have those in hand, you’ll be able to determine the right tools you need to unblock your sales team. Let’s take a look at some of the options you may want to consider implementing to help more prospects cross the finish line and become customers. 

1. Lead Scoring Tools

The most common reasons organizations invest in lead scoring tools usually come from low lead to opportunity conversion rates, as well as high lead volume and a need to help the sales team prioritize who to contact. 

Lead scoring tools help compile lead information like role, seniority, location, and department so that sales teams know who is more likely to convert to an opportunity.


ClearBit is a Marketing Intelligence Platform that comes with a number of different tools and features that can boost your sales and marketing teams performance. 

Their lead scoring and routing feature can help you focus on the leads the matter, so you can get to them quickly in order to maximize conversion opportunity.


6Sense is a Revenue AI platform that eliminates guesswork for your sales team, and arms them with the data and visibility so they can create, and convert high-quality pipeline into revenue. 

Their Predictive Marketing Analytics feature can accurately determine where a prospect is in their buying journey, so sales teams can focus on and prioritize the accounts that are most likely to buy.


HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform built for sales and marketing teams. Their marketing and sales hubs can help you develop a lead scoring system that prioritizes and ranks leads based on their likelihood to convert to an opportunity. 

2. Data Enrichment Tools

Data enrichment tools come into play when your sales teams lack the necessary information on their leads or prospects. 

A custom, tailored approach to leads significantly increases their likelihood of converting, and so the more information and data you can equip your sales team with, the better. This approach can also ensure your reps are speaking to the right stakeholders, instead of spending unnecessary time communicating with non decision makers.


ClearBit is a great option not only for lead scoring, but for data enrichment as well. ClearBit integrates with a number of CRM platforms, so that you can boost your customer and prospect data with just the click of a few buttons.


Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that can help turn website visitors into qualified leads. Leadfeeder helps organizations determine who might be scrolling on their website, and arms them with the right contact data so they can target and create high quality leads.


Hunter is a great B2B lead generation tool that helps you enrich the lead lists by finding verified email addresses for later outreach. It is an all-in-one cold email tool, so if you decide to do lead generation through cold email, you can craft personalized email campaigns and scale them.

3. Task Management Tools

Many sales teams suffer from lack of priority, process, or routine. It’s easy to get caught up on calls, emails, follow-ups, or booked meetings, and a task management tool is a great way to improve efficiency for lean sales teams. 

Lack of sales flow can come from not enough calls or emails going out to prospects, and task management platforms can help better direct your sales teams efforts.


Outreach.io is a popular sales execution platform that can really optimize your sales teams workflow. It automatically generates tasks based on workflows or sequences that your team can develop, so you never miss a call, email, follow-up, or opportunity again.


Apollo.io is a contact engagement platform that mixes task management with data enrichment. Apollo helps sales teams find the right people to contact, and provides them with workflows and sequences to optimize their tasks.

4. Call Recording Tools

Monitoring calls and gathering feedback from call recordings is a great way to keep your sales team performing at their best. This process can also help create better product market fit for your organization because you can gather common feedback, and objections from prospects.


Gong.io is an amazing platform that lets you record your sales teams calls, and gives you insight into data points that can really help you optimize conversions. 

From talk time to commonly used phrases, Gong can really equip sales teams with feedback and information on how to better convert throughout the entire sales funnel.

4. Customer Relationship Management Tools

A customer relationship management system, or CRM, is the powerhouse tool that can help bring everything together. A tool like HubSpot that serves as an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing brings together customer data, lead routing and lead scoring, call recording, and lead contact history to supercharge your lead generation.


HubSpot can help your team with opportunity reporting, as well as pipeline management. You can see what pieces of content, or what tools are generating the most leads, so that your marketing teams can continue to scale those campaigns. If leads aren’t converting, you can also see where conversions are dropping off so you can optimize your entire lead funnel

A Well-Oiled B2B Sales Lead Generation Machine

Once your organization has these five tools in place, you’ll be able to more accurately and efficiently decide which resources to use where, allowing you to maximize your team’s effectiveness. Your team’s needs, practices, and more will dictate which specific tools are the best fit for your organization. 

Many moving parts need to work together to optimize success in B2B sales lead generation Getting your team the right leads with lead scoring and lead routing, helping them manage contacts, leads, and opportunities with the right task management tools, giving them as much key information as possible with data enrichment, and then keeping them on top of their sales skills with call recording

With the right tools and strategies in place, you can supercharge your lead generation, from content creation down to pipeline reporting. Get in touch with us and we can help you get the results you’re looking for.

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Mar 27, 2023