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Finding your ideal growth marketing partner is a lot like shoe shopping.

Let’s say you need a new pair of tennis shoes. You know you want Adidas. So you head to their website… and realize you have over 600 different styles to choose from. Even if you desperately need a new pair of sneaks, weeding through all the options to find your best fit can be exhausting and time-consuming. It’s far easier, however, if you walk into the store knowing the style or even color you have in mind. 

Knowing what you want from a growth marketing partner can help you find the right one, but you still have countless options to choose from. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Here are seven top growth marketing leaders and agencies to consider partnering with, depending on your niche and needs.

Each of these B2B marketing leaders brings a unique perspective and skillset to the table. Following them (or working with the companies they spearhead) offers valuable insights into growth marketing strategies, digital marketing tactics, demand generation, account-based marketing, and more.

1. Kevin Barber 

With a wealth of experience in growth marketing, our first featured expert is Kevin Barber. Kevin is the Head of Growth at Lean Labs, a hybrid growth team for software and tech companies. He's worked with over 50 founders and CMOs to help them make their marketing profitable so they can scale. His team works with a maximum of 10 brands and has a track record of helping brands drive 10X digital growth.

His expertise spans demand generation, content marketing, and customer acquisition for both B2B and B2C technology and SaaS companies. Kevin and his team also offer a wealth of free resources, including the growth grader and growth playbook, and are long-time Hubspot partners.

2. Ryan Deiss

Next up is Ryan Deiss, the Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, a renowned digital marketing training company. With a remarkable career journey, Ryan also founded and was CEO of Idea Incubator and NativeCommerce.com. 

Ryan focuses his training resources on email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising to inspire and guide individuals looking to build and scale a successful digital marketing business. He’s also written several books, including The Invisible Selling Machine and Digital Marketing for Dummies

3. Brian Balfour

Another top growth marketing expert is Brain Balfour, Founder and CEO of Reforge, a leading professional development platform catering to experienced marketers. Brian has held prestigious positions, including the VP of Growth at HubSpot and the Founder and CEO of Boundless Learning.

Brian’s thought leadership has helped him grow a strong LinkedIn following with an emphasis on growth marketing and fostering a culture of experimentation and continuous improvement. He works personally on Reforge content and regularly shares insights on his social accounts for his followers to learn from.

4. Kelly Watkins 

Last but certainly not least is Kelly Watkins. Despite Kelly’s quieter social media presence, her impact is clearly felt. She has an impressive resume, including time as the VP of Global Marketing at Slack, CEO at Abstract, and now as a Reforge partner. She appears frequently on podcasts and as a sought-after speaker at industry events.

Widely recognized for her expertise in product-led growth, Kelly excels in building high-performing marketing teams that drive revenue growth through effective customer acquisition and retention strategies. Her insights on B2B marketing trends and best practices are particularly valuable for those seeking to enhance product-led growth, optimize customer engagement, and cultivate a strong marketing culture within their organization. 

3 Expert Growth Marketing Agencies To Consider 

If growth marketing is a priority for your business, you might be debating whether to hire an in-house marketer or freelancer or to work with a growth marketing agency. Agencies offer full focus on growth marketing, access to multiple specialists, and greater flexibility. However, they often can’t match individual contributors' sole focus or turnaround times.

It's important to vet any agency before engaging in a contract. Ask for case studies, take advantage of free consultations, or start with a small engagement to determine their long-term fit for your goals and communication styles. 

If you don’t have time to waste and need to find a trustworthy partner ASAP, consider these options.

Lean Labs

Lean Labs is an outsourced growth team helping B2B companies enhance their inbound marketing efforts through data-driven and customer-centric growth marketing strategies. Lean Labs solutions include website design and development, inbound marketing, content creation, lead generation, and analytics. Our impressive client portfolio includes Hubspot, RocketSpace, Qualio, Atlantech and more. One of our core practices is value over profit, meaning we don’t make money unless you’re actually achieving your goals.

As a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimize their marketing performance and achieve sustainable growth, we’re here to help examine your buyer’s journey and improve your growth marketing funnel.

Deviate Labs

Founded by the authors of the renowned book "Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley's Best Kept Secret," this boutique growth marketing agency has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Deviate Labs’ expertise lies in creatively cross-pollinating digital marketing tactics across various industries, harnessing emerging growth strategies from small startups and adapting them for larger enterprises. 

Deviate Labs delivers effective results for a diverse B2B and B2C client list. Their client lists include Dollar Shave Club, Automattic, SMART Technologies, Hello Bello, A Bad Think, Shark Tank, and more.

Fantom Agency

Fantom is a specialized agency focusing on multi-channel paid media strategies for SaaS products. What sets them apart is their commitment to efficiency and quick results: Fantom often gets ads live within three to four weeks

Their streamlined approach ensures a faster path to generating valuable leads and driving conversions. Notably, Fantom has worked with prominent clients such as StayTuned, Naxtra, Google, and Meta.

Ready, Set, Grow: Collaborating with Growth Marketing Experts

Collaborating with a skilled and experienced partner can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. Whether you follow the advice of a skilled professional or a full-scale agency, the right partner can help optimize conversion rates and maximize revenue. 

If you choose to explore partnering with an outsourced growth team, consider. Lean Labs. Led by Kevin Barber, the Head of Growth, we’re committed to delivering results and would love to chat about how we can help accelerate your growth journey.

Shaun Samonini
Post by Shaun Samonini
Oct 25, 2023
Shaun is a Growth Marketer at Lean Labs, working with deserving brands to create, implement, and optimize proven growth strategies.