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The global SaaS market size was about 166 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach 187 billion in 2022. The SaaS industry has been growing at a rate of about 18% per year.

Fortunately, many marketing agencies have arisen to meet that growing demand. 

Unfortunately, most of them aren’t SaaS experts and don’t understand the nuance of the space.

And they struggle to drive meaningful business results for their clients consistently.

Agencies must develop a deep understanding of your technology, ideal customers, and market to generate leads and revenue.

They must understand your model and what a qualified lead looks like for your business.

Most importantly, any B2B SaaS marketing service you hire should have a proven track record for delivering results for businesses that look like yours– your size, industry, and goals. 

And if you’re looking for the best one to partner with, you’ve got a lot of choices. 

From agencies that work with enterprise businesses to small but mighty agencies that work with small businesses, there are various options to help drive massive growth in your business.

This article highlights five of the best B2B Saas marketing agencies based on their features, pricing, customer reviews, and crucially, their track record. 


What’s the solution? At extreme ends of the scale, businesses either rush to market and burn up their budget or they don’t invest in any marketing at all! Most are somewhere in the middle. They throw marketing dollars at their product without a well-thought-out plan and end up in a race to the bottom.

Enter marketing agencies.

The benefits of working with a marketing agency are clear. You can find experts in marketing B2B SaaS products. The right agency understands the modern buyer, their world, their problems, and how to create massive value.

The most important function of a B2B SaaS marketing agency is to reach your ideal customers, prove that your business can solve their problems fast, and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

What Should You Look Out for When Comparing B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies?

Not all B2B SaaS marketing agencies are cut from the same cloth. The best agencies commit to growing your business.

It’s crucial to ask the right questions when engaging with a marketing agency:

  • Do you specialize in my industry?
  • What results have you produced?
  • How much experience do you have in my industry?

You then need to think about your needs. What do you require? Where are the gaps in your marketing? And finally, consider your budget.

6 Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies

  1. SmartBug Media - best for financial services
  2. Roketto - best for web design
  3. Single Grain - best for PPC
  4. NoGood - best for consumer goods and services
  5. Go Fish- best for fortune 500 companies
  6. Lean Labs - best for Tech and SaaS startups and scaleups


#1. SmartBug Media

SmartBug Media is a top agency with over 500 5-star reviews (impressive already, huh?). They’re a HubSpot-certified, full-service agency that uses paid and inbound marketing, revenue ops, web design, PR, sales enablement, and creative branding to deliver growth.

SmartBug seeks to understand your business on a deeper level and identify gaps and opportunities to drive strong results. They’re a large company with almost 200 team members across 42 states, so they have the resources to provide excellent service.

They also work in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, SaaS, senior care, and healthcare.

Track Record

What customers say: “The best part about SmartBug has to be the people and the expert-level dedication. Everyone I’ve ever met at SmartBug not only felt like a friend but also a super integral part of the team.” - SmartBug Customer

  • HubSpot Partner of the Year in 2021
  • Inc 500 Company
  • They’ve received multiple awards

This case study details how they helped First State Community Bank increase website visits through their blog by 29%.


#2. Roketto

Another HubSpot certified partner, Roketto is a “full-funnel inbound marketing agency that helps ambitious brands reach their growth goals.” They focus on inbound marketing and see it as a big piece of the puzzle.

They specialize in web design and work with businesses in various industries, including: SaaS and technology, industrial and manufacturing, and real estate development. Their approach is customer-centric, and they design websites that increase lead generation, customer acquisition, and competitive advantage.

Track Record

What customers say: “Since launching 2 weeks ago, the new site has already attracted increased product page views and 20 inquiry forms, thanks to Roketto’s engaging layout. Their upbeat attitude, genuine interest, and expert aesthetic intuition contributed to a productive partnership.” - Roketto Customer

  • Founded in 2009 and still going strong.

This case study details how they helped Speedy Search increase conversion value by 58% and achieve a 44% return on ad spend.


#3. Single Grain

Single Grain equips your business with an expert marketing team and the tools to achieve growth. Using data-driven marketing practices, they promise a high ROI and an increase in conversion rates.

They’ve recently branched out into crypto, NFT, and influencer marketing, but they excel with pay-per-click advertising. According to one review, “they live and breathe social ads.”

Expect a customized proposal and marketing growth hacks that maximize conversions.

Track Record

What customers say: “Having worked with a couple of different ad agencies in my career, the thing I liked most about Single Grain was that they really felt like a partner.” Single Grain Customer

  • They work with major brands like Amazon, Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb.

This case study details how they helped Twenty20 increase their MQL volume 16 times over and reduced MQL cost by 72%.

#4. NoGood

NoGood is the best fit for businesses selling consumer goods. They promise to help impactful brands build predictable, measurable, and scalable growth. They differentiate themselves well on their website; “If you’re looking for a traditional marketing agency, we’re NoGood for that.”

They’ve worked with early-stage and established companies in the SaaS sector and use growth hacking and scientific data to inform their strategies.

Track Record

What customers say: “They are smart, methodical, quick, and passionate about growing and scaling businesses. Never met so many growth marketing nerds in one place!” - NoGood Customer

  • Worked with major brands, including Nike, WeWork, TikTok, and Johnson and Johnson

This case study details how they helped a Fortune 500 brand increase direct traffic by 400%, crush their launch revenue goal by 124%, and increase time spent on site by 43%.


#5: Go Fish

Go Fish is a data-first digital agency. Whether utilizing SEO or paid media, they rely on data to drive their marketing strategies. They’re a full-service agency with expertise ranging from digital PR to content marketing to social media engagement.

Founded in 2005, they’ve grown from a small agency to two offices and remote team members across different continents. Although they work with small businesses, they work with mainly large brands and franchises.

Track Record

What customers say: “I was impressed by their ability to understand our needs and translate them into a clean, fresh, modern design that was also functional. On top of that, their communication was top-notch.” Go Fish Customer

  • Worked with large brands like Geico, Marriott, and Adobe.
  • Winner of multiple awards and one of ‘America’s fastest-growing private companies’ according to Inc. 5000.

This case study details how they helped SimpleTexting increase year-on-year organic MQLs by 500%.

#6. Lean Labs

At Lean Labs, we work exclusively with deserving SaaS and Tech brands. We’re an outsourced growth team, and our sole focus is the growth of your business. That’s the key metric. Not traffic for the sake of it, but the tangible revenue growth of your business.

We work with you as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, and profitable customer acquisition is our bread and butter.

To do that, we’ll help you reach and convert your ideal clients with a high-conversion website and robust growth marketing strategy.

Track Record

What customers say: “Our project with Lean Labs was exceptionally well-orchestrated and far exceeded our expectations. They used a well-informed approach, backed by a solid team of marketers, which made for a great experience.” - Lean Labs Customer.

  • 22% quarterly growth rate
  • 10x growth in 24-36 months
  • $100m in directly attributable client revenue growth
  • $90 million in client funding raised

Check out this case study where we helped Atlantech Online increase qualified leads by 355% with a website built on growth-driven design principles.

Choosing The Best B2B SaaS Marketing Agency for Your Business

Every agency on this list has its merits. They have a track record of building success and growth for B2B SaaS companies.

But when you dig deeper, do they specialize in SaaS and Tech brands? And do they focus on the one metric that really matters for your brand?

Growth is the most important metric.

To achieve massive growth, you need more than just new leads - you need a clear-cut formula for growth and a proven way to implement it.

Do you want an agency that will deliver a list of leads that may or may not be good fits? Or do you want to partner with an expert growth team that will fill your technical and strategic gaps to reliably drive quarter-over-quarter revenue growth? 

The outsourced growth team at Lean Labs delivers growth marketing solutions that drive 10X organic growth to your company, guaranteed.

Find out exactly what we’d do if we were your Growth Team by booking a Growth Mapping Session today!

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Jan 13, 2023