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Markets are crowded, customers are overwhelmed by their options, and businesses need help standing out from the crowd. What's your strategy to ensure your business survives and thrives in these challenging conditions? 

Growth marketing is a long-term plan to support your company's growth. Growth marketers aim to increase revenue over time and scale the business. Focusing on creating customer value and building brand loyalty. This leads to more referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

If you're wondering how your brand can grow over time, here are three tried-and-true strategies for building effective campaigns that will drive new business and increase revenue. 


A strong growth marketing strategy can help your SaaS company achieve goals faster. Growth marketing also delivers your SaaS business the biggest ROI – because it aligns the company with the right metrics for consistent, continued growth. 

Let's go over three growth marketing strategies that work and why your business needs these in 2023.

1. Creative Content Campaigns 

Content marketing is vital because it helps build trust, answers questions your audience may have, generate leads, and improves conversion rates. Today's customers expect high-quality, consistent content from the brands they love. 

Unfortunately, today, a whopping seventy-two percent of marketers report their content marketing efforts range from unsuccessful to only moderately successful.

Content takes the form of videos, quizzes, social media stories, PDFs, and even words on a T-shirt. Thanks to the era of the smartphone, content for mobile users is more critical than ever.

B2B marketers must create content that meets users where they are right now. Here are some ideas for creative content campaigns that you can start planning today!

  • Create a content calendar so you know when each piece will be released and if it should be released via social media or email blasts.
  • Create visuals such as video content.

You will want to determine the roles and who will be creating and publishing this content to your audience effectively. 

2. Social Community Building

Social media allows modern consumers unprecedented access to information about companies, allowing them to make informed decisions about whom they want to work with. The consumer will seek out customers' opinions on the company, which will significantly impact this decision-making process.

It would be best if you grew your reputation far beyond what you sell. The key is to create an online presence on relevant platforms where users can engage with the brand and each other to feel that they are a part of a larger community.

Some community-building ideas that you can start using are: 

  • Posting relevant content (images, videos, and blog articles) that resonates with your audience.
  • Responding to comments from customers in a personalized manner (not an automatic or generic response) that addresses their statement as an individual.
  • Engaging with influencers in the industry by mentioning them or asking for feedback about your product/services.

Community-building is a long-term measure of customer loyalty. Providing a platform for exchange and moderation within the community is a sustainable investment.

3. Invest In a Growth Marketing Team 

Investing in an experienced growth marketing team will save you the headache of wrestling through your marketing efforts alone. 

Many companies are now turning to teams of experts to find their processes' gaps and help them scale their business. Here at Lean Labs, we have laid out a few of the perks you have when hiring our team.

  • Replicate the go-to-market strategies of high-growth companies
  • Build an engaging, high-conversion buyer journey that turns your website into a profitable growth funnel.
  • Reach growth goals with profitable customer acquisition. Our team at Lean Labs gets hired as the outsourced, fractional growth team that delivers those massive growth shifts, performance guaranteed.

The right team will help you build suitable systems and processes for your marketing efforts, giving you the tools you need to scale your business profitably. 

Leveling Up Your Marketing Strategies

So how are you going to stand out from your competition? A clear company growth plan will be crucial in the beginning stages. 

The most successful businesses are ones that invest in marketing early on. This means they have an advantage when it comes to strategic growth marketing. Working with a hybrid growth team will help you fill the gaps you may need to include and help you scale your growth faster.

See how we plan, budget, and accelerate growth for innovative companies as their outsourced growth team. Whether you work with us or not, you'll see our process for building and scaling a brand's digital sales pipeline.

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Mar 31, 2023