Welcome to
the Exam Round

Congratulations on making it through the first interview. In this phase, we'll test your front-end development skills. Please review the video below for details on this assessment. If you have any questions please send them to team@sprocketrocket.co


Step One

Sign up for a free HS Developer account

Create your free HubSpot developer account here - https://developers.hubspot.com/get-started

Follow the instructions in the video and create a portal named "SR Exam". 


Step Two


Create a free Sprocket Rocket Account

Use the button below and follow the prompts to create your free Sprocket Rocket account. This will give you access to the code base you'll use during the exam. 

Connect SR app to the portal you created and step 1 and run the installer. 

Step Three

Send a Preview Link

Use the attached brand style guide, brand asset, and module mockups at the bottom of the page to complete your front-end assessment. 

Sprocket Rocket Documentation - https://docs.sprocketrocket.co/sprocket-rocket-app

Once you are happy with the modules, send the preview link to team@sprocketrocket.co with the subject line "Front-end position Code Review.

Also add the following users to your portal with super admin access (Covered in video): miles@lean-labs.com reg@lean-labs.com bradley@lean-labs.com