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March 20, 2023

HubSpot Theme Requirement Updates

HubSpot has recently updated their theme requirements. Although we have made every effort to ensure that your website is not affected, there is a possibility that some elements may have been impacted by some of the update we had to make. If you require any assistance or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here and happy to help you in any way we can.

New Features
  • In SR Pricing 03, we added a secondary button to the columns that reveals a separate CTA group when the toggle is switched.
  • We added seven new page sections to the SR theme: Pricing, Hero, Proof, Articles, Columns, Offer, and Testimonial.
  • We included a new option for vertical alignment in SR Hero Form 01.
Bug Fixes
  • We made some updates to the SR-base.css file, including fixing semicolons and enabling minification.
  • If the topmost link in the navigation bar doesn't have a URL, we disabled pointer events to prevent it from being clicked.
  •  To avoid conflicts, we adjusted the padding in SR Hero 01 and SR Hero 02 modules for when they are used multiple times.
  • Fixed a minor CSS issue in SR Cards Filter 01 that made it hard to click the arrow icon and open the dropdown.
  • Fixed video playback issues for five modules (SR One Col 01, SR One Col Media 01, SR Three Col 02, SR Two Col 03, SR Two Col 04) when design 2 style is chosen.
  • Fixed an issue with thumbs overflowing in the SR Tabs Testimonials 01 module.
  • In the SR Card categories 01 module, we fixed a bug that was opening cards in a new tab and added options for the number of cards per row and column alignment.
October 04, 2022

Updated default templates.

Some older module have been removed in favor of some new ones.

  • SR Cards Articles 01
  • SR Cards Team 05
  • SR Cards Testimonial Grid 02
  • SR Cards Flip 01
  • SR Cards Testimonial Slider 03
  • SR Hero Form 01
  • SR Offer Bar 06
  • SR Pricing 03
  • SR Showcase 01
  • SR Cards Filter 02
  • SR Cards Image 01
  • SR Cards Pricing 01
  • SR Hero 03
  • SR Offer Bar 03
  • SR Offer Bar 04
  • SR Offer Exit Modal 01
  • SR One Col Media 02
  • SR Two Col 01
  • SR Two Col 02
  • SR Two Col Gallery 02

NOTE: Removal of the listed modules above only affects new SR Theme users, users who had installed their themes prior to this update will get to keep those modules!

June 30, 2022

Sprocket Rocket 2.0

1. Revamped modules

Design Settings now use style fields

Heading and Subheading combined into a single Heading group

  • Allows for unlimited headings
  • Options for size, display size, color, alignment.

CTA/Button improvements

  • Allows for unlimited CTAs/buttons
  • Link changed to a Link field
  • Added custom color options
  • Added ability to add an icon
  • Added size option

Added style option to forms

  • Ability to change background, button styles, padding, and border.

2. Added Global Partials

These add a global drag-and-drop area to the top and bottom of every template. Typically used for navigation and footers.

  • Added global header and footer to all templates
  • Added global blog header and footer to blog templates

3. New Blog Templates

These new blog templates and modules allow for much more control over the blog.

  • Revamped the blog listing template to use the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Added seven (7) new module designs for the blog listing page
  • Added a module to control the blog post design

4. Theme Settings

  • Added more robust responsive typography options
  • Added global form style option