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June 15, 2022

Sprocket Rocket 2.0

1. Revamped modules

Design Settings now use style fields

Heading and Subheading combined into a single Heading group

  • Allows for unlimited headings
  • Options for size, display size, color, alignment.

CTA/Button improvements

  • Allows for unlimited CTAs/buttons
  • Link changed to a Link field
  • Added custom color options
  • Added ability to add an icon
  • Added size option

Added style option to forms

  • Ability to change background, button styles, padding, and border.

3. Added SR Elements

The 18 new modules that can be used to create your own sections

  • SR Element Accordion
  • SR Element Blog Post
  • SR Element Button
  • SR Element Card
  • SR Element Divider
  • SR Element Features
  • SR Element Form
  • SR Element Heading
  • SR Element Image
  • SR Element Logos
  • SR Element Menu
  • SR Element Rich Text
  • SR Element Search
  • SR Element Social
  • SR Element Stat
  • SR Element Tabs
  • SR Element Testimonial
  • SR Element Video

4. Added Global Partials

These add a global drag-and-drop area to the top and bottom of every template. Typically used for navigation and footers.

  • Added global header and footer to all templates
  • Added global blog header and footer to blog templates

5. New Blog Templates

These new blog templates and modules allow for much more control over the blog.

  • Revamped the blog listing template to use the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Added seven (7) new module designs for the blog listing page
  • Added a module to control the blog post design

6. Theme Settings

  • Added more robust responsive typography options
  • Added global form style option