Why Websites Fail

What kills website performance?

Is it the CMS? 

The copy? 

The “sweet” animations your CEO demanded at the 11th hour?

In our experience developing and launching well over 100 websites, we’ve discovered it usually comes down to two critical yet MASSIVELY SIMPLE things:

  1. Generic or off-brand design.
  2. Using tools that make it hard to iterate quickly.

You'll walk away from this short on-demand webinar knowing:

  • The two primary reasons websites fail to convert visitors.
  • The four must-haves  for a high-performing website.
  • Why popular templates and themes aren't your best bet.
  • Why “reinventing the wheel” on every page and website is a fool’s errand.
  • The solution to building beautiful, conversion-worthy pages in a fraction of the time.

💥BONUS: we'll show you how we rebuilt Apple’s homepage in less than 13 minutes without messing with a bunch of CSS or HTML.

It's 2021. Overly complex themes and rigid templates are robbing you of a competitive advantage: speed.

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P.S. Since the webinar is on-demand, you can pause, rewind, and watch at 2x speed if you want - it's up to you!

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