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HubSpot Website Design: Save Time & Effort With Sprocket Rocket Theme

See how Sprocket Rocket Theme can help you build a website you’ll love
with speed and confidence.


Do you want a website that you love?

Since you’re here reading this, we're guessing you do. Who doesn’t, right? And you might be thinking that you need to spend a ton of money and time designing the perfect website. You’d be wrong.

Bold statement, we know. What if we told you that you could build a winning website you’d love without needing design skills, without needing to build pages from scratch, and without having to customize every piece with HTML and hex values?

Well, you can. This article will show you how Sprocket Rocket Theme can help you build a website you’ll love with speed and confidence, giving you time to work on other crucial elements of your business.

What is the Sprocket Rocket Theme?

HubSpot templates used to be the best way to develop landing pages and websites. Then along came HubSpot Themes. Content creators struggled to use the full capability of templates, but HubSpot Themes unlocks the full potential of the drag-and-drop experience, allowing anyone to create and manage a website.

Think of a theme as the total package. 

A theme consists of modules, templates, style settings, and global content. Each module is customizable, and anyone, from marketers to developers, can create and manage content without touching a line of code.

The benefits are plenty! 

Imagine creating global content that ensures styles and headers and footers remain the same throughout your website. Done! Then there are reusable elements, customization, and again, no coding required!

Without HubSpot Themes, you won’t need developers to get your site up and running. And if marketers lack the requisite skills to design websites, they’ll always have to defer to developers when they have issues, making the whole process longer than it needs to be.

What does Sprocket Rocket have to do with this?

Well, Sprocket Rocket is one of the Themes you can get on HubSpot App Marketplace. And yes, we are one of the most popular Themes available. Want to know why? Read on!

Design Made Easy

In today’s world, marketers need a swiss army knife of skills to perform their jobs well. That includes creating content and building websites ready to go live as quickly as possible. 

Using a marketing-based platform like HubSpot CMS requires a website builder an entire marketing team can use.

But marketers are not designers. They shouldn’t need to drag and drop from scratch for every page. 

So, instead of individual elements like headlines, subheadings, and paragraphs, Sprocket Rocket has pre-built modules such as hero modules–all you need to do is swap out the images and text. Modules are ready-to-use out of the box.

Whether your skills are advanced or nonexistent, here’s the deal: speed wins.

Instead of needing to hire a designer and going through a drawn-out process of back-and-forth adjustments, you’ll have the tools to make significant design improvements in moments, not days or weeks.

You can drag and drop modules and stack them on top of each other to build a complete page. It really is as easy as ABC and simple as 1, 2, 3.

No Code Necessary

We’ve already mentioned that anyone can build a website with Sprocket Rocket, and we might have mentioned you don’t need the ability to code.

But it’s essential to drive that point home. No coding is necessary.

You need the ability to create a fully-customized and effective website in a few clicks–without breaking the bank, right?

With Sprocket Rocket, you can edit global content, meaning you can make changes to typography, buttons, and colors across your entire website.

In the modern B2B world, gone are the days of complicated websites that house every piece of information about your business. The modern customer wants to know that you can solve their problems, how you do it, whether you’ve done it for other people, and why they should trust you.

Sprocket Rocket has ready-to-use page templates for every need; Homepage, About, Contact, Case Study, and more!

Have you tried dropping elements into a space only to realize they don’t fit? It’s frustrating! Instead of elements pieced together, you can use building blocks.

Take this hero section as an example.


Without Sprocket Rocket, you’d need to create the headline, subheading, two button CTAs, image, and each individual card element separately.

With Sprocket Rocket, the Hero section comes as a complete module; all you have to do is swap out the content.

Of course, if you want to dive into code, you can. But you don’t have to.

Coupled with HubSpot’s data-driven analytics, you can launch and rapidly iterate your website easily.

Made for Marketers

When you create a website or get a developer to do it for you, making changes can be complex and cumbersome. 

I remember having to call the development team or create a ticket and wait to explain the issue, then waiting for them to respond, then waiting for them to make the necessary changes, then finally getting the edited version live.

What a nightmare.

Imagine making changes yourself without having to call in a developer or designer. Imagine no more. You can do it with Sprocket Rocket.

Your entire marketing team can make updates and build landing pages built for conversion without any coding experience.

Because modules are easily customizable and modeled after common web patterns that people understand, you can simply swap out text and image content and go live. There are even GIF and video options.

Who doesn’t love a good GIF?

Already Proven

Sprocket Rocket features proven best-practice, user-friendly modules. With the free Theme alone, you get ten modules and seven system pages, enough to create and launch a website in minutes

Depending on your skill level, you can use the modules out of the box or customize them. But the beauty is they’re already optimized and based on high-performing pages Sprocket Rocket has built for clients.

We design websites (and you can, too!) with the inbound marketing methodology in mind. If your strategy includes collecting and displaying testimonials, you can easily create that page. If you want to include forms, there’s a module for that. Same for CTAs.

With already proven modules and templates, you know you’re launching a website set up to win.

No More Drag-and-Drop Woes

Drag-and-drop is supposed to save you time. Often, component-based themes are time-consuming, not time-saving.

Your design team has to drag and drop multiple elements onto a page, design them, and optimize them for desktop and mobile.

Designers and developers don’t want to spend their time dragging and dropping elements for hours on end–it’s a waste of their time.

Instead, you can use modules. It’s still dragging and dropping, but entire modules rather than individual elements. There’s a module for pretty much everything, from headers and footers to cards and forms.

It’s easy to stack modules on top of one another to build a page. And you can set design and styles in one spot that stays the same across every page so your site is always on brand.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Want to hear from other users who have saved time and effort using Sprocket Rocket? Here are a few examples:




It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

To reiterate, building websites with Sprocket Rocket really is as easy as:

1) Drag and drop in the pre-built module blocks you want.
2) Swap out the placeholder images and text.
3) Launch your page!

Everything you’d expect from a HubSpot CMS builder is included, from drag-and-drop modules to friendly customer support. All of our modules are cross-browser tested and optimized for speed, performance, and SEO.

With on-brand, high-converting pages without the need for developers or designers, you have the ability to create a stunning website for a fraction of the cost and in record time.

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