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I planned Sprocket Rocket to help companies get results on HubSpot without hiring an expensive agency.

Hi, I'm Kevin Barber, Founder & CEO of Lean Labs, an agency that builds top shelf websites for deserving brands on the HubSpot CMS. However, the budget to work with  Lean Labs $40k-$80k and a lot of brands cannot cashflow that investment.

At Inbound 2016, Gary Vaynerchuk said on stage "If you're not working on a business model to put yourself out of business, don't worry.. someone else is."

Who doesn't want to be disruptive? So we asked ourselves... What if we could build an 8/10 website in half the time and at half the cost as a fully custom site? That would really change things and sites with less than 50,000 monthly visits don't really need all the extra bling that adds so much cost.

From this Sprocket Rocket was born. Our team has spent the last year and a half taking our internal design/development system and transforming it into a platform that companies can use to reboot their current site. By building your site modularly and using a complete buyer journey, Sprocket Rocket provides the most flexibility and opportunity for optimization. Your site will be quickly prototyped, custom designed, and ready to launch in 75 days... without breaking the bank.

We launched in Q2 2018, and I'm more than happy to talk to early adopters personally to answer questions and provide the details on how our system can help.

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Schedule a no-hassle, no-obligation call with me.

Schedule a no-hassle, no-obligation call with me.