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Can We Sell For You?

We're looking for a few HubSpot partners (technical web shops) that build great websites to send overflow work and projects that don't match our ideal customer profile. We sell. You deliver.

- Using Sprocket Rocket is a requirement.
- Building great websites is a requirement.


Pre-Sold Web Projects from $5k - $50k

We're looking for technical agencies using the Sprocket Rocket Workflow to deliver great sites for projects for us when we're over capacity or the project doesn't match our ideal customer profile.

Most of the projects won't have pre-sold retainers, but there may be opportunities.

Most of the projects are either:
 - lift and deploy (migrate to HubSpot)
 - rip and replace (redesign on HubSpot CMS)

Budgets vary to size & level of polish.
 - 80% of sites are $5k-$15k budget
 - 10% of sites are $15k-$25k budget
 - 10% of websites are > $25k (& complex)

If you're a technical agency that has strong in house design and development skills, we'd like to consider you for this overflow work.

Submit your Application

We would love to learn more about your agency and the type of projects that are best for you.